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EcoTV - Episode 23

Episode 23 Interview: Ahri Tallon from Green Cross Australia.
Eco TV news: New hotline set up for consumers to dob in carbon tax price gougers; North Pole study finds tree growth increases carbon dioxide levels; 100 world leaders head to

EcoTV - Episode 22

Episode 22 Interview: Prue Simmons from Conservation Volunteers Australia.

Eco TV news: Keep Australia Beautiful launches local community grants; Australian cities lag behind in tackling climate change and Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke

EcoTV - Episode 21

Episode 21 Interview: Rainforest Alliance’s Anita Neville.

Eco TV news: Great Barrier Reef under threat; illegal blue fin tuna fishing & Rio de Janeiro’s infamous dump closes.

Celebrity: Leonardo Di Caprio calls for ban on shark fin so

EcoTV - Episode 20

Episode 20 Interview: Impact Sustainability’s Hayley Morris.

Eco TV news: Tallest Oz apartment building made out of wood; free-range egg wars; endangered hairy-nose wombat born.

Celebrity: Kelly Slater throws celebrity support for Sea

EcoTV - Episode 19

Episode 19 Interview: Clean Up Australia Founder, Ian Kiernan.

Eco TV news: WWF Living Planet Report released; Australia’s climate heats up; offshore petroleum exploration sites announced for Australia; Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson detained

EcoTV - Episode 18

Episode 18 Interview: Wildlife Presenter, Holly Carroll.

Eco TV news: Caloundra named Australia’s Tidiest Town; Claim that Coles and Woolworths threaten Australian food production; NSW rising temperatures; Japanese town of Taiji famous fo

EcoTV - Episode 17

Episode 17 Interview: Lara talks to Tooni Marto from the Australian Marine Conservation.

Eco TV news: Australian fundraiser for Wildlife Asia; Newcastle residents angry over Orica threat; Australia declared drought-free; Rhino poachers co

EcoTV - Episode 14

Episode 14 Interview: Economic Advisor at the Australian Conservation Foundation, Simon O’Conner.

Eco TV news: Treasurer Wayne Swan talks up carbon tax compensation; Legal expert says carbon tax unlawful; Legal action taken against Orica

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