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EcoTV - Episode 13

Episode 13 Interview: Nick Ray from the Ethical Consumer Group.

Eco TV news: Campaign to end battery-hen production; Woolworths announces sustainable seafood plans; Coal-fired generators in Victoria windfall in compensation; Earth Hour a

EcoTV - Episode 12

Episode 12 Interview: Laura Adams from the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

Eco TV news: Sydney’s Dharawal National Park established; Qantas flies first biofuel flight; Native forest agreements push; Rio + 20 Summit coming; Japanese pl

EcoTV - Episode 11

Episode 11 Interview: Earth Hour Award finalist Tamara DiMattina.

Eco TV news: WWF Earth Hour; Tasmanian forestry report; GE boss supports carbon price; Canary Islands drilling protests; India refuses to accept airline carbon levies.


EcoTV - Episode 10

Episode 10 Interview: Jim Green from Friends of the Earth.

Eco TV news: WA commercial fisheries accreditation plans; tourist risks to Lake Eyre; Taxoplasmosis in cats to be tackled in Tasmania; China leads clean-tech; threats to Rhinos; P

EcoTV - Episode 9

Episode 9 Interview: Jim Green from Friends of the Earth.

Eco TV news: Australia ill-prepared for low carbon economy; Cape York bauxite mine expansion plans re-assessed; Vicforest hit with legal action; global nuclear energy use to expand

EcoTV - Episode 8

Episode 8 Interview: Danielle King from Green Moves Australia.

Eco TV news: New wheat strain resists salinity; Black Cockatoos at risk; Victorians support climate change action; Kiribati government looks to Fiji move; Thai animal smugglin

EcoTV - Episode 7

Episode 7 Interview: Natural fertility specialist Natalie Kringoudis.

Eco TV news: Health of Great Barrier Reef assessed; Solar rebate scheme; Claims of illegal poaching of dugongs & turtles; Mediterranean sea running out of resources; Be

EcoTV - Episode 4

Episode 4 Interview: Don Chambers from Keep Australia Beautiful and Dave West from Boomerang Alliance.

Eco TV news: Melbourne trials new food waste recycling; Dredging on Great Barrier Reef; Perth’s love for big houses; SA solar tariff sc

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