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Kids Of 88 - Undercover Interviews

Sam and Jordan from Kids Of 88 talk to Andrew about their shameful musical past, embracing pop music and touring with Cassette Kids and Passion Pit.

Cordrazine - Undercover Interviews

Hamish Cowan from Cordrazine visit Undercover for a chat with Andrew Tijs about releasing the new album ‘Always Coming Down’ with a thirteen year gap between recordings and his personal philosophies. The song ‘Sunshine’ and the video for it -

Brian McFadden - Undercover Interviews

Brian McFadden joins Paul Cashmere to talk about his electro flavoured album ‘Wall Of Soundz’, working with Robert Connoly and Kevin Rudolph, Delta’s cameo on the album, describing the track ‘Not Now’ ft Christian Lo Russo as a "male Brokeba -

Unsigned & Unplugged - Osh10

JMac talks to Aimee from Osh10 about Seinfield and what it is like to be part of a trip-hop, electronica, jazz and a tiny bit of pop band.

Unsigned & Unplugged - Jessica Jade Bruce

JMac chats to Jessica Jade about bible camp, what inspires her and family support.

Ross Wilson - USessions

Ross Wilson visits the Undercover studio and performs “Hi Honey Ho”, “Strange As It May Seem” and “Come Back Again”.

Cordrazine - USessions

Hamish Cowan from Cordrazine drops into Undercover and performs “Sunshine”, “Ever After”, “There’s So Much More For You” and “Memorial Drive”.

Basement Birds - USessions

Basement Birds visit the Undercover studio and perform “Waiting For You” and “Not The One”