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Stephen Lynch Australian Tour 2013

Whether he’s singing an ode to ‘queer tattoos’, telling his potential paramour all the things he won’t be doing for her (he ain’t fightin’ no Lion), or lamenting his new vegan lifestyle (“Tofurkey? Tof**k yourself – I want some meat”) Steph

Wantok Sing Sing at the Boomerang Festival (4-6 October 2013)

In an extraordinary concert coming to Boomerang from its success at London’s Olympic Festival during the Games and their two sell out performances at The Sydney Opera House Concert Hall in March, we are thrilled to present:


Blur’s Alex James in Australian premiere of Recipes that Rock

The delicious new six-part series premieres Sunday July 14 at 1.45pm on 7TWO.

Recipes that Rock sees rock star turned cheese-maker, Alex James, and rock’n’roll-loving celebrity chef, Matt Stone, on a journey of discovery around one of Aus


His name may ring a bell… possibly because he is the winner of 2013’s edition of TV juggernaut The Voice Australia. Melburnian Harrison Craig (born 7 September 1994) conquered judges’ and viewers’ hearts with his sweet boy blue eyes, sparkli -

Bruno Mars - Treasure [Official Music Video]

Dressed in a red leisure suit, Bruno Mars channels the King Of Pop in the highly choreographed video for “Treasure.”

Bruno Mars - Treasure [Official Music Video]

Bruno Mars channels the King Of Pop in the highly choreographed video for “Treasure.”

Lil Wayne - Steps on the US flag - God Bless America - HD

While filming a music video for the song “God Bless Amerika,” the 30-year-old Lil Wayne raps in front of an American flag that drops to the ground, at which point he walks all over Old Glory for the better part of a minute.

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