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Episode 1 - Russia, Red Ink, Jessica-Jade Bruce, Parralox

Kat and the Soundcheck Crew catch up with a swag of hot unsigned talent….Interviews with “Russia” and “Red Ink”, A live performance by “Jessica-Jade Bruce”, a music quiz and an awesome music video from “Parralox”.

Unsigned & Unplugged - Shannon Lee

Caitlin (aka Kat) talks to the awesome Shannon Lee about her long time coming EP and how religion has influenced her music.

Unsigned & Unplugged - Kane Muir

JMac chills out with the ever so laid back Kane Muir, to discuss busking and the messages in his music.

Unsigned & Unplugged - Applejack

Ant & Pablo chat to Caitlin (aka Kat) about their genre breaking music and the pressures of life.

Unsigned & Unplugged - Alex Anonymous

JMac catches up with Alex Anonymous and discusses how they formed the band and supporting Evermore.

Unsigned & Unplugged - Pam Hall

Pam Hall talks to JMac about her Australian Idol experience and her interests in collaborating with other cool artists. Check out her wicked beats at the end of the clip.

Unsigned & Unplugged - Girl v's Ghost

JMac chats to Girl v’s Ghost about making their latest music video clip and their inner passions.

Unsigned & Unplugged - Happy Endings

Happy Endings for all!!! Ah no, not quite – just a great interview! Catch up with Joppy in the Soundcheck basement!

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