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Shinedown - Undercover Interviews

Brent and Barry from Shinedown talk about being a hard working band and how it feels to be touring for most of their lives.

Ross Wilson - Undercover Interviews

Ross Wilson chats with Paul Cashmere about “I Come In Peace” which is the title track of the new album released in July, still producing new material in a decades long career, recording the album in Nashville and appearing as King Mondo on T

Lisa Mitchell - Undercover Interviews

Lisa Mitchell talks to Paul Cashmere about her success in the UK, her album ‘Wonder’, the danger of playing ‘Coin Laundry’ live and plays an acoustic version of Dire Straits ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Hot Chelle Rae - Undercover Interviews

RK and Nash talk to Andrew Tijs about their underwhelming first meeting with a koala, touring Australia with Boys Like Girls, being progeny of successful songwriters, working with Butch Walker and Eric Valentine and RK reveals his chest tatt -

Boys Like Girls - Undercover Interviews

Paul and Martin from Boys Like Girls Chat to Tim Cashmere about their second album ‘Love Drunk’, recording a song with Taylor Swift and getting to perform it with her at Madison Square Gardens.

Basement Birds - Undercover Interviews

Basement Birds visit Undercover for a chat with Tim Cashmere about the bands origin, writing the song “Waiting For You” as a collaborative band, adjusting to having four lead singers and touring only once.

Taking Back Sunday - Undercover Interviews

Ed, Adam and Matt join Paul Cashmere to talk about the past, present and future of Taking Back Sunday and how they are still holding onto the hope of meeting Oprah one day.

Meatloaf - Undercover Interviews

Meatloaf talks to Paul Cashmere about the theatrics of his new album ‘Hang Cool Teddy Bear’.

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