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Amy Meredith - USessions

Christian and Joel from Amy Meredith perform the tracks ‘Young At Heart’, ‘Carry On’ and ‘Lying’.

Brooke Fraser - USessions

Brooke Fraser, Josh Schuberth and Matt Fell perform Brooke’s songs ‘Something In The Water’ and ‘Orphans, Kingdoms’.

Skybombers - USessions

Skybombers drop into the Undercover studio to play the tracks ‘Daylight Savings Season’, ‘Black Carousel’ and ‘One For Two’.

Danielle Spencer - USessions

Danielle Spencer visits the Undercover studio to perform ‘End Of Story’, ‘Fade To Black’ and ‘Calling All Magicians’.

Cam Henderson - USessions

Cam Henderson performs ‘Angel Without Wings’, ‘Three Beautiful People’ and ‘Do The Time’.

Tim McMillan - USessions

Tim McMillan performs ‘Sunset Maze’, ‘Blue’ and ‘Yogi Glare Ep.2’ in the Undercover studio.

Rick Price - USessions

Rick Price visits Undercover to perform ‘It Starts With A Kiss’, ‘God I’ve Got It Good’ and ‘Not A Day Goes By’.

Davey Lane and Tony Featherstone - USessions

Davey Lane and Tony Featherstone visit the Undercover studio to perform ‘Get It Back Again’, ‘Sinking May’, and ‘The Play You’re Staging’.

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