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C.W. Stoneking - USessions

C.W. Stoneking drops into the undercover studio to perform a few tracks from his ‘Jungle Blues’ release – ‘Jungle Lullaby’, ‘Talkin Lion Blues’ and ‘Jaillhouse Blues’.

Thirsty Merc - USessions

Rai and Phil from Thirsty Merc perform ‘Mousetrap Heart’, ‘20 Good Reasons’ and ‘Tommy and Krista’ at the Undercover studio.

Lazy Susan - USessions

Paul Andrews from Lazy Susan plays the tracks ‘Expecting To Change’, ‘Bad Hands’ and ‘Jailbird Sings’ at the Undercover Studio.

Rebecca Barnard - USessions

Rebecca Barnard comes into the Undercover studio to play a few songs off her latest album.

Dan Kelly - USessions

Dan Kelly plays the tracks ‘The Decomissioner’, ‘Dan Kelly’s Dream’ and ‘Drowning In The Fountain Of Youth’ at the Undercover Studio.

Catherine Britt - USessions

Catherine Britt comes into the Undercover studios to play a few songs off her latest album.

Jetty Road - USessions

Lee, Paula, Julia and Simon from Jetty Road play you some of their new songs at the Undercover Studio.

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