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Eagle And The Worm - USessions

Eagle And The Worm visit Undercover to perform ‘Come Home Love’, ‘All I Know’ and ‘Too Young’.

Chocolate Starfish - USessions

Chocolate Starfish visit Undercover to perform ‘Into The Fire’, ‘Mountain’ and ’You’re So Vain’.

Wagons - USessions

Henry Wagons of Wagons visits the Undercover Studio to perform ‘Save Me’, ‘I Blew It’ and ‘My Daydreams’.

An Horse - USessions

An Horse perform the tracks ‘Dressed Sharply’ and ‘Airport Death’ in the Undercover Studio.

Steven Rossitto - USessions

Steven Rossitto visits the Undercover studio to perform ‘Saturday Night’, ‘Man And Strife’ and ‘The Gal That Got Away’.

Rick Price - USessions

Rick Price, Luke Moller and Tim Matthew drop by the Undercover studio to play the John Denver tracks ‘Take Me Home, Country Road’ and ’Grandma’s Feather Bed’.

The Vines - Usessions

The Vines visit the Undercover studio to perform ‘Gimme Love’, ‘Future Primitive’ and ‘Leave Me In The Dark’.

Mark Seymour - Usessions

Mark Seymour visits the Undercover studio to perform ‘Classrooms And Kitchens’, ‘Snowmen’ and ‘Little Bridges’.

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