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Short Films

The 48 Hour Film Project Melbourne - Paper Cuts

Title: Paper Cuts. Team: Blue Box. Year: 2009.
A worker in a plant is being attacked by the factory electronic devices.

The 48 Hour Film Project Melbourne - Mashall

Title: Marshall.
Genre: Superhero.
Team: CRAF.
Year: 2009
Synopsis: A want to be superhero and his agent are in training to become a real superhero and save the world.

The 48 Hour Film Project Melbourne - Shortchange

Title: Shortchange.
Genre: Fantasy.
Team: Art of the State Filmworks
Year: 2009
Synopsis: An ignored housewife form a strange relationship with her piggy bank where she can fantasize about a different man. Little does she know, her husba

The 48 Hour Film Project Melbourne - 61

Title: 61.
Genre: Horror
Team: Stellar Funky Sexy Groovers.
Year: 2009
Synopsis: A deaf woman wakes up in the morning and starts getting ready for her day, without noticing that there is a serial killer in her house slicing and dicing up

The 48 Hour Film Project Melbourne - Educating Lance

Title: Educating Lance.
Genre: Family Film
Team: Hobbledehoy.
Year: 2009
Synopsis: Two brothers are finding a ‘bigfoot’ and are bringing him home and teaching him to behave like a human.

The 48 Hour Film Project Melbourne - Safe and Sound

Title: Safe and Sound.
Genre: Mockumentary
Team: Boombox Productions.
Year: 2009
Synopsis: An obsessive compulsive statistician has a piggy bank which talks to him. He becomes frantic when he looses the piggy bank and won’t stop searchin

The 48 Hour Film Project Melbourne - A Pig's Tale

Title: A Pig’s Tale.
Genre: Holiday Film
Team: The Neuralisers.
Year: 2009
Synopsis: A good husband who has been saving up to buy his wife a pretty necklace for Christmas looses the plot when his piggy bank runs away.

The 48 Hour Film Project Melbourne - Neighbourly Love

Title: Neighbourly Love.
Genre: Horror
Team: Terror Bytes.
Year: 2009
Synopsis: A guys is concerned for his neighbour when he hears him screaming. He decides to go and check that everything is okay, only to find out his best friend is a

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