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Thirsty Merc - Undercover Interviews

Rai Thistlethwayte and Phil Stack drop in to Undercover to have a chat about their third album ‘Mousetrap Heart’, line up changes in the band and storytelling through songs.

Thirsty Merc - USessions

Rai and Phil from Thirsty Merc perform ‘Mousetrap Heart’, ‘20 Good Reasons’ and ‘Tommy and Krista’ at the Undercover studio.

The Break - Undercover Interviews

Three Oils and one Femme make up the Break and they drop into Undercover to chat about early concept of the band, the Midnight Oil song ‘Wedding Cake Island’, Brian Ritchies move to Australia and all of their other ongoing projects.

The Beautiful Girls - Undercover Interviews

Matt McHugh from The Beautiful Girls tells us all about the different sounds on their new album ‘Spooks’, his musical influences, being able to claim a co-writing credit with Phil Collins on the track ‘Rockers’, traveling the world with the

Sara Storer - Undercover Interviews

Sara Storer chats to Undercover about getting married, the start of her songwriting career, working with Garth Porter, John Williamson, Paul Kelly and Shane Howard throughout her career and the tracks ‘Mallee Girl’, ‘Star’ and ‘Molly Green’. -

Mark Sholtez - Undercover Interviews

Mark Sholtez has a chat to Tim Cashmere about the release of his second album, working with producer Larry Klein, being a prolific songwriter and collaborating with other artists.

Dog Trumpet - Undercover Interviews

The early days of Dog Trumpet, the decision to leave Mental as Anything, their latest release ‘River Of Flowers’ and Reg and Pete’s artistic childen.

Craig David - Undercover Interviews

Craig David chats to Undercover about his new album ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’, Motown’s huge influence on the world, his debut album ‘Born To Do It’ and what lies ahead for Craig David.

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