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Record & Release - Electric Smile Band

“Who are those masked musos, and what does their music really mean?”

Maddy from Undercover talks to the Electric Smile Band at Record & Release for Melbourne Music Week.

Dave Stewart Performs At The Media Announcement For Ghost The Musical

Dave Stewart promotes ‘Ghost The Musical’ with live performances.

Sarah McLeod - USessions

Sarah McLeod performs ‘Gravity’, ‘Private School Kid’ and ‘Dancing Alone’.

Cash Savage - USessions

Cash Savage performs ’She’s Gonna Love Me’, ‘One Key’, and ‘Fuck You, You Life Sucking Scab’.

Sarah McLeod - Undercover Interviews

Sarah McLeod chats to Tim Cashmere about her time in Superjesus, solo projects and her band Screaming Bikini.

Pnau - Undercover Interviews

Pnau chat to Tim Cashmere about their latest album, Soft Universe.

Mark Seymour, Back2Back Live - Undercover Interviews

Mark Seymour chats to Paul Cashmere about his upcoming show ‘Sgt Peppers & Abbey Road Back2Back Live.’

James Blake - Undercover Interviews

James Blake chats to Paul Cashmere about his music and touring.

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