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Kath & Kimderella - Sound Bite - Glenn Robbins



An interview with Glenn Robbins about his role in “Kath & Kimderella”.

When foxy empty nester Kath Day-Knight wins the trip of a lifetime to a tiny European kingdom with her spoilt princess daughter Kim, she embarks on a fairy-tale adventure filled with power, love, lust and even a royal wedding. Accompanied by Kim’s second best friend, Sharon Strzelecki, they find themselves on a journey that will change their lives forever.

Jane Turner as Kath Day-Knight
Gina Riley as Kim Craig
Glenn Butcher as Sergio
Glenn Robbins as Kel Knight
Jessica de Gouw as Isabella
Magda Szubanski as Sharon Strzelecki
Marg Downey as Marion
Mark Trevorrow as Marko
Mick Molloy as Gary Poole
Peter Rowsthorn as Brett Craig
Richard E Grant as Alain
Rob Sitch as King Javier
Frank Woodley as castle translator

Director: Ted Emery

Australian Release Date: September 6 2012

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