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All-Star Guitar



Product: All-Star Guitar Controller for iPad
Recommended Ages: 10+
Retail Outlets: Myer, David Jones, Apple Resellers
Product snapshot: Transforms your iPad into a full size electric guitar
Release Date: Available now
RRP: $149.95

Turn your iPad into a full size electric guitar and rock out like a star with the All-Star Guitar Controller. Simply slip your iPad into the fitted holder, open the accompanying app and you’re ready to Rock’n’Roll.
Compatible with Apple’s GarageBand software and featuring a range of special effects and styles, users can pick, pluck and strum to any song from their iTunes library. An electrifying new product, the All-Star Guitar is the perfect gadget for the serious musician and the couch-potato, rock-star wannabe.

Crank up the volume on the built-in speakers or keep things quiet with headphones. With no external connection or cables needed, the user can play or learn guitar anywhere!

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You can now watch this video on LG connected TV and all brands of smartphones globally! Relax in your lounge room and enjoy