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Aggressively Helpful

Aggressively Helpful


Comedians Alex Wasiel, Justine Rogers and Alice Fraser hit Adelaide Fringe together as:

Aggressively Helpful

‘We will help you! Whether you like it or not!’

Three of the most mindblowingly exciting Australian comedians hit Adelaide in a three-for-one extravaganza of original, brilliantly twisted and left field comedy.

235 Grenfell Street, Adelaide

Thursday 21st February
Friday 22nd February
Saturday 23rd February

8.30 Pm

$20/$15 – 80 Mins

Book at 1300 621 255 or


Alex, Justine and Alice are those well-meaning types who will hold your hair back even when you’re not vomiting. But, true to Oprah, they’re owning it, and they are coming to Adelaide to tell you all that super heaps important stuff you didn’t even know you needed to hear, you know, like:

1) What to do if he doesn’t respond to the first six texts – maybe you need to just show up and knock oh his window.
2) How to deal with the woman in your life – hint: faking a horrific disability is sometimes a necessary dating tool
3) How to deal with Veganism – It’s important to cater for difference at the kiddie table

“[Alex]…really did make a girl cry with laughter…really killed”
Shane Matheson

Justine Rogers has made regular appearances at the Comedy Store, is the brains behind Nerd Nit Sydney, and opened for comedy superstar Jo Koy at the Enmore Theatre, attracting accolades like a lamp attacts moths. She was also the MC choice at the Roxbury Quest for the Best Grand Finals.

Alex Wasiel has smashed her way onto the stage at Mic in Hand and Comedy Corner, delighting audiences with her unique blend of effervescence, inclusive wit and “yo mama” jokes. Having established obscure cult status through Law Revue, she is currently breaking out of the pinstripe prison in a diamond-encrusted helicopter.

Alice Fraser is a writer and performer for satirical radio show A Rational Fear and has been MCing and headlining around Sydney and regional New South Wales, bringing her Cambridge footlight sensibility to audiences in edgy Newtown and slightly less edgy Newcastle, Mudgee and Kincumber.

“[Justine,] face of a fairy, mouth of a sailor”
Mikey Robins

“Justine was amazing opening for me. Can’t wait to work with her again”

Jo Koy

The style of aggressively Helpful comedy is clever but kooky logic, social and political musings, sketch and slapstick, sophisticated analyses of things that don’t necessarily deserve analysis, like house music, the Lord of The Flies as a guide to parenting and how Tetris is a metaphor for life, all with a heaping spoonful of ‘so wrong its right’. We can’t help ourselves from helping you! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (with laughter) and you might learn something (probably not).

“To Watch Alice perform is like receiving a bunch of comedy flowers. …I mean, it’s chock full of colours, laughs and just a delight to see”
Mic in Hand

“Charming, Brilliant and Unexpected… [Alice] shone through as a rising star”
New York Comedy Cellar

Aggressively Helpful is an 80 Minute Show, a team player triple-punch of wholesome, wicked and wistful comedy from three stunning women at a GFC-price and at a new festival venue with a beer garden. It will leave you fake pistol shooting your mad finger-guns all the way home. Don’t miss this show! Help us help you. Or else., aggressively, helpful

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